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Art Guzman Art Guzman from Corpus Christi wrote on June 30, 2016 at 9:34 pm:
If the City wants to increase the amount of drunk drivers on the road then they just thought of the best idea ever by implementing baseless requirements that seem to have no effect on the greater metropolitan cities such as San Diego, CA. Recent studies have found that a sharp decline in CHP DUI arrests have been made since Uber was in full effect. Lets think common sense here council members instead of worrying about lawsuits.
Michael Michael from Corpus Christi wrote on June 19, 2016 at 9:40 pm:
I took my new job in Corpus Christi in June of 2016. Three weeks later my car breaks down. For one two days I was without a car. A coworker saw my pull in to work in a cab. She asked why I was "cabbing" it and I told her my situation. I then told her, "that cab ride was 40 bucks!" She told me to try Uber and I did for my ride to the dealership to get a loaner which is about the same distance from my house to work. It cost 21 bucks! On top of that as we pulled up I said, "man I hope they have a car for me." The young man said I'll wait while you check." Guess what? He didn't "leave the meter running" while I checked. They had the loaner and I thanked the driver. It was a nice experience. So much so I was wanting to become a driver! I could use extra income. But sadly the local government has voted to NOT let Uber stay in Corpus Christi. Come on Corpus! We need this! Bring Uber and other service like it back! Thank you
Justin Justin from Corpus Christi wrote on May 30, 2016 at 12:55 pm:
As a legally blind young professional living in Corpus Christi, I have to put a lot of work into arranging transportation to & from work and other locations. My job is a 25-minute walk from the nearest bus stop, so that is not an option. I try to arrange carpools with co-workers and friends, but things don't always work out and sometimes things fall through the cracks. Taxis offer some flexibility, but they are often late and are very expensive (a trip from work to home is over $25, not including tip). Having options like Uber and Lyft provides an excellent mix of flexibility and affordability in allowing me to be more independent. I have used Uber in San Antonio a couple times, and I was amazed at the quality of the service. The cars arrived quickly (in 5 minutes or less), the drivers were friendly and courteous, and the payment process was easy and hassle-free (and much more affordable than I expected). I also appreciate how services like Uber provide people an opportunity to earn an income with flexible hours either to supplement another job or to provide some income while searching for more steady employment, and with the economy in its current state we need as many opportunities like these as possible. I strongly encourage the City Council to reverse its previous decision and to remove this burdensome and unnecessary regulation, thus providing much-needed additional transportation options to our citizens..
Dora Lambert Dora Lambert from Austin wrote on May 18, 2016 at 5:38 pm:
Uber ROBBED me with up to 9 times price surge thtough my daughter's account who is going to UT. It took advantage several times when she was drunk. Uberis merciless MONSTER. thank God it is out of Austin.
Maria S. Weaver Maria S. Weaver from Corpus Christi wrote on April 4, 2016 at 2:52 pm:
Lee P. Lee P. wrote on March 30, 2016 at 7:00 pm:
We the people! Free market, capitalism! That's what's made this country so great! It's for the people, citizens, travelers like myself. I use it in whatever city it is available! I will use nothing else!
Lucy Lucy from Corpus Christi wrote on March 29, 2016 at 9:08 am:
I have been using Uber in Corpus Christi for around 18 months. I discovered taxis were difficult to book on my first attempt of going out in the city. I called numerous companies and they had no idea when a cab would be available. They were also fairly expensive for such a short journey. I then tried Uber... Uber is so accessible. Whenever I want to go somewhere they are at the click of a button. I don't need to tell them where I am, I don't need to ask how long they will be, I know what my Uber driver looks like, I know their score as a driver and I know what type of car they will arrive in. I love that if I am in a bar and want to leave immediately - I only have to wait around 5 minutes and I can see exactly where they are on my app. . I have NEVER felt unsafe with an Uber driver. Yes sometimes the cars are a little messy but the pros far outweigh the cons. Actually I have only been in 1 messy car. All the rest were amazing, some with refreshments too! Plus you can leave feedback instantly to help improve the community if you are not totally satisfied. Uber is so easy to use and I guess if taxi companies were also as accessible and AFFORDABLE, I would probably consider using them too. My nights out in our beautiful city will now be limited to when I have a designated driver. I am disappointed that these drivers have to go through checks that most jobs don't require. I hope the city changes its mind quickly, especially as we near summer and tourists will expect the ease of getting around as they do in other major cities across the nation.
ERIC ERIC from Corpus Christi wrote on March 26, 2016 at 9:28 am:
I do not drive.. taxis are late and crazy expensive rude and expect hefty tips. Uber has literally brought me a sense of freedom. I have been super impressed with uber. Have never had a problem. I am literally considering moving because my freedom of transportation is severely limited. Super upset mad and hurt.
Tamara Tamara from Corpus Chridti wrote on March 19, 2016 at 12:21 pm:
I feel uber should be able to stay in town. I was told by three different CCPD officers that they do not have time to investigate a place underage teens buy alcohol from so accept the help and let uber assist the youth you don't have time for.
Adolfo Garcia Adolfo Garcia from corpus christi wrote on March 18, 2016 at 7:52 pm:
As an Uber driver my job involves much more getting people safely home from a night out drinking. In the mornings there are 4 options. I can drive to the airport area looking for business travelers and tourist.If that doesn't seem like a good fit, I can hit up the university area or see who needs a ride to work. In the middle of the day its primarily shoppers looking for rides. The early evening involves ferrying people to the clubs and bars. Then by 12 its time to start scooping these people up. Those of you who think ubering is all about driving people home from bars have no idea. A day with no ridesharing mean a disruption in economic activity. It means travelers will spend more time in hotel room and less time out spending. In means people will show up late to work because they have missed the bus or have no ride at all. Losing Uber and Lyft is really embarrassing for our city.
Sarah C Sarah C from Corpus Christi wrote on March 18, 2016 at 12:16 pm:
as a local bartender, I can say first hand that the taxi cabs here arent good enough or fast enough to be the only option for a drunk person to safely get home. I often have to find rides for people, especially if they become or show up intoxicated and it's not always the easiest thing to do. I had two handicapped gentlemen asking me to get a cab for them and it took me about 7 phone calls to cab companies to get them accommodated. Another time, a customer took a cab home and was arrested for being too drunk! after leaving their vehicle and calling for a safe ride home, which is the right thing to do, they were reprimanded. Uber seemed to be a positive thing while it was around for the short while it was. Ride Share may have been taking some business from cab companies, but they often are so slammed, it's difficult to get them places in a timely fashion anyway, so personally, I think it's the cab companies own fault. it's sad that people would rather drive drunk than get a taxi because the city took away Uber. I've seen it already. With the city growing as it has been, this has been a step backwards. it's extremely disappointing.
Joe Hilliard Joe Hilliard from Corpus Christi wrote on March 18, 2016 at 11:56 am:
We began using rideshare during a trip to San Francisco and had such a positive experience that we used it every time we'd travel. When I learned that Uber was working in CC and in danger of being taken away by city council, we began using it and learned that there are so many ways to use it besides 'going out.' We used it to get one of us to the other's location so that we weren't in two cars; an emergency trip to the dr.; grabbing friends and heading out for the night. It's life changing if you use it to the best of its potential. The best experience was in Austin, late night, the Uber driver handed me his tablet and said, "You be the DJ." We listened to The Beatles' Abbey Road all the way back to our airbnb.
Sarah Sarah from Corpus Christi wrote on March 18, 2016 at 10:34 am:
Image this: You just got off of a three hour plane ride, got your bags and you're itching to explore beautiful Corpus Christi. And you're really hungry. So you whip out your phone to get an Uber and then...wait... what?? No Uber? What the heck kind of place is this? (Strike 1). So then... you have to Google taxi companies, select one and order a ride. The dispatcher says it will take 30 minutes... you wait 45. And now you're really hungry and also very irritated. (Strike 2). You finally get in the cab. Maybe you're driver is friendly, maybe not - but at this point it doesn't matter. The car smells like smoke or worse, all your bags stink now (Strike 3) and you're beyond hungry with no desire to make conversation with the driver... You've reach your hotel and have no idea which restaurants to try or where the good entertainment spots are, or anything really about Corpus Christi other than they don't have Uber and now you're hungry and in a bad mood. Instead of deciding between a concert at Concrete Street or trip to La Palmera, you're deciding if you want to spend more than you planned on renting a car or waiting 45 minutes every time you want to go somewhere that's not walking distance from your hotel. Forget that! Being from Corpus Christi, I typically use Uber when I travel. It allows me to get the lay of the land up front. My most recent ride was in Denver - from the airport to the rental car place in town (because the rates were far less expensive than airport rentals). In the 20 minute-trip, I asked the driver all about their best restaurants, shopping, public transportation, entertainment scenes, The Broncos, etc. He was super helpful and knew all the best places, AND found the route to my destination that had the least amount of traffic. Uber drivers can be great ambassadors for our city - they are many times the first person a tourist will encounter when coming into a city. So I say, let's embrace our Uber drivers, form alliances with the DMD and CVB, and make our city a friendly place for them to operate. If I couldn't catch an Uber in another city I was traveling in, that would be a disappointment right off the bat and would inevitably frame my opinion and mindset about my overall experience. Please get on board, Corpus Christi!!
John John from Corpus Christi wrote on March 17, 2016 at 11:04 pm:
What makes city officials think that corpus is special than other big and great cities across the country where Uber has been operating smoothly without those ridiculous requirements? I saw one official on TV claiming that they want to protect the citizens. It's on the contrary, they're selfish politicians only interested to serve their own interests. They're denying great services to hundreds of students both college and high school who use uber to or from school, as well as other elderly or sickly people. My first time on uber, i had a dentist's appointment and it took me under 15mins to sign up, request the ride and was on my way to my appointment in just 15 mins. It would have taken an ordinary cab at least 30 mins to get to my house
Chris Burleson Chris Burleson from Corpus Christi wrote on March 17, 2016 at 4:36 pm:
Driving drunk is never fun.
Clint Knight Clint Knight from Corpus Christi,tx wrote on March 17, 2016 at 2:43 pm:
All my rides on Uber have been seamlessly great. It appears the CC Caller Times has a moratorium on letters to the editor. I guess they think; If they don't print/report it - it never happened.
Betty " Boo" Fields Betty " Boo" Fields from Rockport wrote on March 17, 2016 at 12:59 am:
I am 64, female and I love UBER, I feel safer in UBER than a taxi by far . I have used UBER in many cites. Dallas, Austin, Los angeles, Santa Fe New Mexico , and other cities . Taxi's rarely take credit cards, they always say their machines are broken. Taxi's smell bad , are old timey and cost more than UBER. All my UBER experiences have been wonderful . No cash is involved with UBER , my credit cards is in the UBER system . No tips are required with UBER . One UBER driver was the wife of a dentist in Santa Fe. The UBER vehicles are owned by their drivers . It is a marvelous service with clean sedan type vehicles and less expensive than a beat up old taxi . Grow up Corpus Christi City Council . This is embarrassing . I wrote a "REVIEW " on the Corpus Christi International Airport Facebook page over a year ago about how I was denied use of UBER. Please read that review on the left side of the CC International Airport Facebook page . It explains alot from my real experience. - Betty " Boo" Fields-