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Let City Council and everyone else know that you support Uber and Lyft operating in Corpus Christi! Just fill out the form on the left side of your screen and with one click on the “Sign Now” button, your name will be added to the signature list on this page and an email will be sent to each city council member letting them know where you stand.

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What the Petition says

“I support Transportation Network Companies (Uber, Lyft, etc) operating within the Corpus Christi/Coastal Bend area. They should be allowed the opportunity to operate under modern regulations that protect the public while supporting innovation.

I want my City Council representatives to reconsider the passed ordinance that pushed Uber and Lyft out of our city.”

You can even add your own comments or personal story to the Petition! Just click the “Read The Petition” button at the top of the form, and then add your own text to the statement. Close the pop-up window by clicking the ‘X’ at the top right. Then you can submit the filled-out form. Your custom message will be sent to all the city council members.


Form Instructions

The form requires your name and email address. The other fields are optional for the online petition, but they are very helpful to us once the time comes to submit a formal hardcopy petition to city hall. When we get to that point, we will need that information.

Your voter ID number is listed on your voter registration card in the field labeled “VUID.”

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1,636Francisco F.Jun 20, 2016
1,635Nichole B.Jun 15, 2016
1,634Glen M.Jun 11, 2016
1,633Lisa C.Jun 10, 2016
1,632John M.Jun 09, 2016
1,631David S.Jun 07, 2016
1,630Thaddeus A.Jun 01, 2016
1,629Peyton M.May 28, 2016
1,628Jonathon N.May 28, 2016
1,627Gregory G.May 26, 2016
1,626Marisa B.May 26, 2016
1,625Ryan D.May 25, 2016
1,624Raymond H.May 21, 2016
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1,620Miriam C.May 12, 2016
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