KIIITV aired a good segment on our filing for referendum this morning. Let’s keep up the momentum. Visit our new website at and sign the petition if you support us! We’ve gotten 136 digital signatures in the last couple hours since the site went live. That’s 136 emails to each city council member letting them know how we feel. Share the petition with your friends!‪ #‎saveuberincc‬



In November, Corpus Christi voters could be the deciding factor in the ongoing dispute involving ridesharing services like Uber and Lyft and the City of Corpus Christi. On Tuesday ridesharing advocates filed the necessary documents with the City Secretary’s Office to make this a possibility.

Kiii News Anchor Rudy Trevino looked into the case and came back with the details.

Attorney Michael McCauley submitted the required documents to circulate petitions. He said they will give City leaders a real idea of how many citizens want the ridesharing issue referendum changed.

“We hope based on the information that we’ve learned in the last few days that Chad Magill’s motion to reconsider that is going to be heard in the next Council meeting will make all of this moot,” McCauley said.

Uber driver Craig Jamison said he has been unemployed since the City passed the ordinance requiring tougher background checks and fees for ridesharing companies.

“I’ve actually been driving between Uber and Lyft for the past two years out here, and I survive on this for my income. This is how I support my family,” Jamison said. “I do this full time out here. I’m out here 50 hours plus a week driving in Corpus Christi.”

A half-dozen people showed up at City Hall Tuesday to submit the documents, saying they want to send Council members a message.

“How could our City Council be so disconnected with the citizens of Corpus Christi to even take the position that they did on this issue?” community supporter Steve DeAses said. “It’s unfortunate that they don’t represent the public.”

Organizers of the petition drive have set up a website at

Because of all the public outcry against the tougher background checks, Council is set to reconsider the ridesharing ordinance in its next meeting, which will take place March 29.