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Supporters of ride sharing in Corpus Christi filed a referendum Tuesday asking that City Council put the discussion on the regulations back on the agenda, but the paperwork goes a step further.

Council member Chad Magill made the same request Friday. But the group’s request is different. Supporters said if City Council denies Magill’s request and does not put the ride sharing regulations back on the agenda, or if they do discuss the matter again, but leave the rules on the books, the group would then begin a petition drive to seek enough signatures to put the issue on the November ballot.

Local attorney, Michael McCauley said “The council has until the end of the council session at the next council session on the 29th of March to overturn the ordinance that they passed.”

Lyft driver Craig Jamison said he just hopes ride sharing operations resume operations in the city.

“My hopes are just to kind of hope that we can secure March 29 that this ordinance gets re-looked at and they sign a negotiation paper with Uber and Lyft to negotiate with them so we can return and all of the ride share drivers can get on with our lives and continue to serve the community,” said Jamison.

Uber and Lyft both ended operations in Corpus Christi because of the transportation ordinance that was approved by council on Mar. 8. It requires ride share drivers to undergo background checks that include fingerprinting.